Pioppino is a cute little clustered mushroom, recognizable by its smooth chestnut brown cap and slender tan stipe. This mushroom is characterized by its crisp, crunchy texture and delicious earthy flavor. Great in stir-fry, sauces or miso.

The Pioppino Mushroom is valuable in the amount of bioactive metabolites they contain. These metabolites include agrocybenine with antifungal properties, Cylindan which has anti-cancer properties, and indole derivatives which are responsible for hunting down free radicals. The Pioppino Mushroom is also known for being able to slow down the negative effects of osteoporosis

The Pioppino Mushrooms has a strong taste and fits well in different dishes. It goes really well in salads, sauces, pasta, soups, casseroles, quiches, and omelets.



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